Welcome to The Marketing Technology (MarTech) Data Lab, a place at the intersection of the rapid rise of the marketing technology as a discipline, the importance of data to help drive transformation change at organizations, and a culture of experimentation and innovation required to stay ahead of future challenges.

In the spirit of modern science organizations, labs are a place where knowledge exchange takes hold and ideas are celebrated, tested, and evaluated based on their merit. There is no shortage of tools to help the modern marketer achieve success. However, there is a shortage of information on what tools can help solve your most pressing issues.

Hello. My name is Samuel Itin and I live at the intersection of people and technology, and my goal is to help enable people and organizations to perform their best work. What I realized is marketers, increasingly digitally savvy marketers, are up against some tough odds. The digital marketing landscape is rapidly evolving and the complexity is accelerating towards a future that rewards those who have a passion for trying new things and learning. Building upon the shoulders of MarTech giants, such as the incredibly insightful Scott Brinker at chiefmartech.com tries to ascertain, there are over 5,000+ digital tools available in the marketing technology space today with a range of categories from advertising tech, sales optimization, automation, optimization, testing, and countless others.

This website will build a collection of resources that will help you learn about some of the movers and shakers of the martech realm with deep dives on the technologies and processes that will unlock a new stage of growth for your organization, without losing sight of the people that drive the change. This will be mainly done through:

    • The MarTech Data Lab Podcast, with a new episode dropping every Tuesday morning with weekly round-ups of MarTech news, interviews with martech vendors or analytics professionals, and more
    • MarTech Data Lab Weekly Download, a round-up of the latest martech and analytics news sent every Friday with helpful resources I’ve come across to share from established and up-and-coming thought-leaders, breaking news, and more
    • MarTech & Analytics Vendor Compendium, while the sheer scope and evolving nature of martech and analytics tools will definitely outpace this list, martech and analytics products will be profiled on how they can help contribute to your martech stack

I regularly aim to publish and share my knowledge gain throughout my career and some examples of my work can be found below, including:

  • Video Interview with John David Ariansen from Silvertone Analytics, describing my journey from a former middle school educator to Director of Analytics (in my former role), including my advice on breaking into the field and how to leverage turn marketing insights into action. I may or may not also fawn over my love for Tableau
  •  Prezi presentation given at Raleigh-Durham TUG (Tableau User Group) on how learning the lessons of  Improvisational Comedy (i.e, Whose Line is it Anyway?) can help you become a better digital analyst by empowering your team to ask questions and uncover hidden insights (not to mention have a fun time doing it)
  • Co-Leading a webinar on Email Tips for Non-Profits on iContact, as part of my work with Activate Good, a NC Triangle based non-profit, diving deep into email marketing strategy including segmentation, testing, and more

Below, is my speaking engagement at the Raleigh-Durham Tableau User Group on ImprovAnalytics, speaking on how the lessons of improvisational comedy, can help you become a stronger digital analytics practitioner (sorry for the grainy data quality):

In addition to running the ‘Lab,’ I currently am an Optimization & Analytics Manager at Cognetik, helping our agency deliver informational change to our clients through data and insights. My career path, much like many marketers and analysts, is ever winding, with growth, grit, and helping enable people to do their best work being at the center of what drives me.
My experience includes becoming a Corps Member at Teach for America, a variety of leadership and marketing roles at the worlds largest education company, helping scale marketing and sales teams at a rapidly growing medical education startup, and serving as the Director of Analytics at a pharmaceutical marketing agency.
I hold a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Law & Environmental Science from Binghamton University, State University of New York and an M.Ed. from the University of St. Thomas. Currently residing in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina, my interests include listening to podcasts, improv comedy, traveling, and brewing my own beer.
I serve on the board of Activate Good as the Marketing Co-Chair, an organization dedicated to enabling volunteering in the NC Triangle Area and is a Raleigh Chapter Leader of the Digital Analytics Association.
Drop me a line at sitin@martechdatalab.com.